Pottery - Mosaic

  • Poterry – Ceramic workshop. Create only with our hands, without the use
    of clay wheel or mold.
    Duration: 30′
    Cost: 10€
  • Mosaic workshop for young and old kid’s.
    Introduction to the art of mosaic with natural local seeds and legumes.
    Duration: 60′-90′
    Cost: 15€


Pottery satisfied various needs of man’s daily life for some rudimentary utensils, using the most simple material soil with rudimentary processing and a little water that could turn it into clay and create works that can be said to have sealed the evolution of civilization.
In our workshop we learn the history of clay from the beginning until today. You will see the first pottery tools that were created and their evolution. The visitor will feel, this unique art and how this has passed through the centuries without radical changes and continues even today in our country.
We would like to welcome you in our ceramic workshop, which is located on Amnisiades Park. In our ceramic workshop we will learn the clay, we will play with the clay and we will create our ceramic products.
We will provide to you the necessarily materials and tools in order to receive your creations. You will bring in our ceramic workshop your positive mood and imagination. No previous experience is needed.
In our ceramic workshop, we will create only with our hands by hand – building method without the use of clay wheel or mold. We will be with you for any help or guidance. Our ceramic workshop is mainly designed to have a good time, to get know clay and express ourselves creatively through it, each in their own unique way.


We organized exclusively for Amnisiades Park visitors a mosaic seminar for young and old with the aim of getting to know the art of mosaic, creating small works of art with colored seeds and legumes.

The action is called “Mosaic Lab” and is aimed at young and old.

The activity lasts 1 hour with continuous interaction between children or children with parents, and the aim is to create a mosaic image of a cartoon character with colored seeds and legumes.

These actions have an introductory character – an introduction to the arts and aim at the cultural development of the participants, regardless of age, gender and nationality.

At the same time, through the interactive approach and team spirit during the creation of the project, they promote teamwork, communication, acquaintance, psychological relief and sociability.






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