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amnisiades park

Welcome to the discovery park of Amnisiades, a combination of an Equestrian Estate, a special holiday center for the well-being,  a lighthouse of Cretan culture and tradition (food, arts, learning).

Situated in the center of Crete just 7km west of the urban center of Heraklion and 2km from the airport, in the coastal area of Amnissos, a place that combines the natural environment of Crete, providing easy access to organized beaches, and with a few minutes walk, you will be able to enjoy the Mediterranean sun and the sea.

Ideal for families, youngsters and people who are looking to get an acquaintance with the culture and history of one of the most ancient civilisations.  Athletes or horse lovers who want high level lessons, a ride on the beach or in the mountains, people with special abilities looking for therapeutic riding  will spend with us the most unforgettable holidays of their lives.


Our visitors will indulge their senses to the beauty and greatness of an important era, that of The Minoans, which remained in history as the Pinnacle of Peace and Prosperity.
Their famous capital, Knossos, is decorated with wonderful frescoes full of cheerful colours, slender, young ladies and athletic men. The labrys and the bull, which they confronted in dangerous bull-leaping rituals, are the sacred symbols of this civilization.
Enjoy the journey to their colourful world…


The facilities of the Academy are open to the public and are a multipurpose space of various possibilities. Its main activity is the Equestrian School but the visitor can walk in our lush gardens, enjoy a drink or snack at Ippikos Cafe, and if he wants to try the contact with the horses or the ponies. 
On the premises you will attend riding lessons and training, you will see our horses up close and if you want you can meet the world of horses through our lessons.

Linear B is a syllabic script that was used for writing in Mycenaean Greek, the earliest attested form of the Greek language and at the same time the first organized writing in Europe. The script predates the Greek alphabet by several centuries, the earliest known examples dating to around 1700-1300 BC.

It is adapted from the earlier Linear A, Linear B, found mainly in the…

1. We organized exclusively for Amnisiades Park a mosaic seminar for both young and old visitors, with the aim of getting to know the art of mosaic, creating small works of art with colored seeds and legumes.

2.In the Linear B workshop, you will learn to write your name in linear B writing on clay from the Cretan land, as our ancestors did 4000 years ago.


Ippikos Resturant is located in the middle of our gardens, a great area in a beautiful country yard with flowers where one can enjoy cafes, snacks, and meals.

Freshly prepared meals, snacks, salads, and desserts are cooked and offered for everybody.

A unique place in a quiet environment where both adults and children can enjoy our high quality of service.


Our facilities and location and our specialization into Minoan culture is an ideal place for you to create your own retreat. Our park is ideal for retreats of spiritual and heritage content, theatrical, dance and other artistic content.

A great experience for both adults and children. Our traditional wagonette pulled by our beautiful horse Miss Olimpia around the whole venue. An unforgettable ride which takes you around our gardens and leaves you with a nice feeling from the past.

Come and join us to meet the beautiful Miss Olimpia and enjoy a fun ridewith the wagonnete.


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